Friday, November 29, 2013

Will Republicans honor Obama's lawless suspensions of the law?

Charles Krauthammer's column today decries Obama's lawlessness. He understandably doesn't lay out the one sure cure for it, prosecution. I don't mean Obama. He's politically untouchable. I mean everybody else who goes along with it. I mean file suit, and seek civil damages of $1 from every private party who went along with President Obama's lawlessness. The principle that the President doesn't just get to make stuff up as the law of the land has to be enforced.

The political problem with this solution is obvious, fearing prosecution or persecution if they resist, private parties are reluctant to defy a sitting president. If they give in, they fear retribution from the other party so they support the party that coerced them into illegality, strengthening and lengthening its turn in power.

The underlying principle that lawlessness will not be tolerated has to be reestablished somehow. Impeachment has failed to be a barrier for Obama. If we're not to slide into an uglier, third world style of politics, we have to establish new barriers that actually will work.

HT: Instapundit