Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Voter fraud via Obamacare?

While the tone is a bit over the top, this PJMedia article on Motor Voter provisions in Obamacare raise some troubling questions. Under no circumstances should we ever bypass established fraud checks. It's especially troubling if the federal government instructs the state to bypass fraud checks.

If this is actually happening, this is a great big warning sign. Normally, you would just raise your eyebrow and move on, giving the administration the benefit of the doubt. President Obama already blew through that with his electoral campaign practice of bypassing donation fraud checks on foreign addresses. He already had his second chance and blew it. This is at least round three on the issue of election fraud.

So how do you address the issue and figure out if it is real? The web sites will eventually get fixed and create a flood of records. The clock is ticking. The first step is probably to call your state's Secretary of State office and sort out if the article has its facts straight.