Monday, November 10, 2014

3d printing news

My son's 3d printer just got a brain transplant. XYZ printing jumped the shark when their 1.2.3 firmware for the Davinci 1.0 printer instituted 'phone home' code that would make it refuse to print if your cartridges didn't match their central database. Sorry fellas, we have a need to print in colors you don't sell. We'd have continued buying the colors you did sell because you make good hardware for the money and we believe in supporting that.

I just finished doing a brain transplant and the arduino due brains powering the printer no longer thinks that it's an XYZ brand printer. Instead it's a repetier, open source printer. As a bonus, we should be getting better control of our printing, which means setup will take longer but the results should be improved so long as we know what we're doing. Whether that will happen remains to be seen.