Thursday, November 7, 2013

Obamacare Pain is Just Beginning

The individual mandate that is causing so much alarm in more present oriented conservative circles right now is just a small prelude to the magnitude of changes lining up for us all with the employer mandate, which has been delayed to 2014. As usual, the conservative alarms came too early, until they were too late.

Jed Graham's spreadsheet of workers suffering from ACA hour reduction has 39 states are currently represented with 363 instances documented. Number one on the state parade is Indiana with 67 items, almost twice the number of the second list, Virginia with 34 documented items. The recent 10th amendment lawsuit filed by Indiana accounts for 13 of those instances so we may be looking at a great deal of cutting hours going on without a lot of fanfare. It takes a special type to sue the IRS, both fearless and very meticulous about their paperwork.

It's pretty obvious that a lot of this sort of activity is trying to be undertaken without public announcement. Given what happened to John Schnatter of Papa Johns, this is a reasonable concern. Who wants to volunteer that they're cutting hours. In most cases it's not required of them. So why put a target on their back and their company's back? There is no real benefit for them and a great deal of risk potential if someone powerful decides to make an example out of them.

Hat tips:
Amercan Spectator
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