Monday, November 11, 2013

Tell me more about that

Seth Godin's very reliable for a daily dose of win. This time it's dealing with skeptics. He identifies a species that I hadn't twigged to, the generous skeptic who knows the field and has an insight into your new idea that you might not have seen yet.

The problem is identifying the generous skeptics from those status quo defenders who are more interested in keeping their world from changing than in the constructive criticism that actually helps you to succeed, if perhaps with a few new twists on a more sophisticated business plan.

Virtually all skeptics will claim to be generous skeptics. They're doing it to help you, you know. But not all skeptics are generous. How to separate the gold of the generous ones from the dross of the rest is something to think about and, I hope, the subject of a post in future from Seth.

In the meantime, I need to be careful in my own conversations to not pass by the generous skeptics that I may find crossing my own path. Nobody ever died by responding "tell me more about that".