Friday, November 15, 2013

What's that party? Obamacare Insurance Mod Rejection Edition

On Drudge right now is an early rejection of President Obama's plan to permit insurance companies to retain their noncompliant plans for a year. The State of Washington's Insurance Commissioner took two hours to release a statement rejecting the idea. Nowhere in the piece is a mention of the man's party so for most readers it would be a surprise that he's an Obamacare supporting Democrat. His Wikipedia page notes he had previously served 16 years in the Washington legislature and one term in Congress as a Democrat.

This man took to the pages of the Seattle Times on November 12th to defend insurance cancellations. President Obama made this man look like a fool, just as he's done for a great deal of the rest of the Democratic party. But don't count on the press to highlight the party source of much of the return fire.