Friday, November 29, 2013

NY Times Classifieds

Seth Godin reads the NY Times so I don't have to. Their classified section is down to one page from the 20-30 that he remembers it being way back when. His description of the utter fail of their job market advertisements led me to ask how much are they asking for the things. It turns out their classifieds can be done through a self-serve ad portal and their rates vary from somewhere between $20-$30 per line (1 line = 1.83 inches = 22 to 25 characters depending on the width of the letters). That's some pretty expensive ad real estate.

I admit that I'm morbidly curious. There's a poignant sadness to any dying art form and classified job listings are an art form, one with its own conventions and peculiar requirements.

What's the last job advertised in the NY Times going to be for? And what were the last jobs advertised in papers that have already ceased publication?