Monday, November 4, 2013

Obamacare blew it before the Republicans took the House

The CYA memos are coming out of the woodwork to demonstrate how early the implementation process went wrong. The personnel implementing the program lacked startup or even business experience but had to meet tight deadlines in the law that could only be met by essentially creating a startup environment. The experts needed to handle the technology and regulatory complexity also were lacking according to the memo. Right now, the struggle is on to create a potemkin village of a site that at least fixes the front end mistakes so that the problems aren't so obvious. The back end problems can be hidden with threats to the insurance companies and too curious journalists mixed with campaigns to discredit. You don't have to be technical to know that something's wrong on the front end. You can just click on a link to the World Wide Web consortium's HTML validator. At time of writing the front page to has 46 errors in coding and 2 warnings that they're doing something dubious. They can't hide that and they can't attack the W3C. The validation computer doesn't care about anything but the reality of conformance to standard. And that's something that even a low information voter can understand. They had three years to write this to spec and right now, there are still coding errors so bad that the front page won't pass basic validation. For just a bit of money, they can get the whole site validated instead of doing a page at a time for free. $280 gets you 20k page validations which is anywhere from one page 20k times to 20k pages one time. Thats $0.0014 per page. After spending hundreds of millions on this site, I hope they have the budget to run validation. I wonder how many validation errors on the front page there will be on December 1st? HT: Instapundit