Monday, November 25, 2013

Chipotle makes genocide look so pretty and attractive

My younger daughter found Chipotle's Scarecrow IOS propaganda game. It's a short freebie and you get a buy one, get one coupon if you complete all the levels and give out your personal information. Alongside the somewhat amusing gameplay comes a load of locavore/free range farming propaganda.

For reasons unexplained in the video and game, the countryside has been emptied by Crow Foods, Inc and food is exclusively grown in cartoonish, factory conditions with lots of pointless discomfort. But the only local farmer left decides to grow his own food, cook, and serve it in his own restaurant all to the music soundtrack of Fiona Apple covering Pure Imagination, in a subtly twisted and dark fashion.

Of course the real nightmare would be the reality of us all following Chipotle's ideas. We'd do ok in the US because we're rich enough to outbid the 3rd world for food, but once again famine would be more than a political problem in significant chunks of the globe.

We can feed the world if we work hard at it and use the best techniques we have for delivering food from field to plate. We can do it without factory farming but only after a fairly massive human die off. Smiley faced genocide as a restaurant ad campaign. What will they think of next?