Thursday, February 20, 2014

Suspending the Debt Ceiling Matters

The act of maxing out a card and responding to that by opening up a new card is a warning sign that you're going deep into credit trouble. It's a warning sign that helps some people back away from the cliff of personal bankruptcy and turn things around. That's the sort of safeguard the US has had with its debt ceiling limits running in parallel to the appropriations process. Until March 15, 2015 that debt limit safeguard is gone.

Until March 15 of next year, there is no process of getting a new credit card. Our present one is declared unlimited. The only constraint is on each individual purchase, and two thirds of our current spending doesn't even go through that process, being major item autopays like Medicare and Social Security that go up and down without act of Congress.

We've given a drunk the keys to a self-stocking bar for a year and expect, what? Sobriety is not a likely result. What are we thinking?

HT: Patterico