Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Even the NY Times Gets a Clue

The theory is that the free market imposes discipline and increases the responsiveness of organizations to failure so that corrections happen faster and there's less waste overall in the long run. It's kind of nice seeing that process work out even in a bastion of left wingery as infamous as the New York Times.
Reporters in The New York Times newsroom deeply resent the paper's editorial page, and the dissent has “reached the boiling point,” the New York Observer reports Tuesday.
It's not an ideological dispute, the Observer says, but rather the sense that the paper's editorials and columns are boring, ineffectual, poorly written and poorly read. The story was based on interviews with more than two dozen current and former Times staffers, mostly on condition of anonymity out of fear of editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal.
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HT: Instapundit