Friday, February 14, 2014

Blacklist Emotions

While I don't know what Anil Dash thinks about my calling his twitter blacklist a blacklist, I'm having a bit of fun today with an overactive defender named Nathan Edwards who has come to the conclusion that I'm condescending to Anil (I don't think I am and certainly didn't intend to). And when I clarified that and gave more detail as to what I was talking about, he switched to the idea that I'm making fun of Anil for running a blacklist (I'm not).

In reality, I made an implicit prediction, that Anil's tribe, like most (but not all) lefty tribes are ok with blacklists in practice so long as they are conducted by ideological allies and not labeled as blacklists. You see, a great deal of the left has swallowed the idea that only the evil guys on the right do blacklists and correct thinking people never do blacklists. It's not true. Before Hollywood got scared into not hiring communists in the McCarthy era, communists were busy beavers working to keep anti-communist art off the silver screen. You don't hear much about that earlier effort. It would ruin the narrative.

The experiment continues.