Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sick NY Times Icicle Cartoon

So the NY Times got Ed Driscoll going with this image

It's standard othering, let's kill our political enemies with a preprepared can't you take a joke fallback. Stuff like this has been on the left-wing propaganda menu for a long time in progressively more mainstream and influential outlets. It's almost a yawner that libs are being desensitized to political violence. 

It was another section that puzzled me how it got past the PC police at the NY Times, playing nasty tricks on your pet for your personal amusement. 

Why is this funny? What did the dog do to deserve being mocked by its owner? What was PETA's reaction? 

Update: It got weird and meta in Driscoll's comments suggesting that it was a clueless Commerce Department that was being mocked for attacking low priority tasks rather than concentrating on the economy. So we've got that going for us. The libs aren't going to come stab us until keynesianism works to create a roaring economy. We're safe.