Thursday, February 20, 2014

Germanic Influence on Anglospheric Thought

This talk from Paul Marks is a bit longer than my usual fare. I suggest you spend the time. The question of how and where all the destructive 20th century statism is quite important to the major task of our generation, cleaning out the rot. If you want a summary, I'll attempt to give one after the video

Germans are impressive. They have an incredible academic tradition that is powerful and rigorous. Frederick the Great's taking on the major powers of Europe and winning led to a great deal of intellectual deference in the political classes of England and the US and Bismarck's unification of Germany only strengthened the trend. Bottom up collectivism on class lines and top down collectivism on racial lines both got their foundational texts and impressive heft from their german adherents and even those who opposed these developments were seduced into supporting their spread in the english speaking world.

HT: Samizdata - worth a visit for the comments which are first rate and include lengthy additions from Paul Marks