Thursday, February 13, 2014

Blacklist like a pro

Anil Dash gives 21st century lessons on how to construct a blacklist and feel morally superior while doing so. For extra credit, he adds gamification for that extra frisson of chic. This guy's good.

Update: Not to do with Anil personally, but I just followed up on the tribal emotions that come out when treating left wing blacklists regardless of whether you condemn them.

Update II: In comments on his gamification blog post, Anil makes an appearance and says he's likely to be more even-handed going forward because "I've just changed my habits overall". That's likely going to be as direct a response as I'm going to get so no, probably not a purposeful blacklist. But he did a great job of it accidentally.

Update III: Anil engages! Apparently I'm looking silly. I'm trying to do a solo entrepreneur deal on the subject of government oversight. Silly is the least of my worries. Our exchange is in the tribal emotions post (link above).