Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bring back the Barbican?

Call it a mud room for the zoning department but after reading one more story about how much of a mockery modern police forces are making "knock and announce" warrant service, I am starting to wonder whether it's time to start bringing back the barbican, that lovely architectural feature that frustrates home invasion by putting more than one single door between you and the outside world.

It doesn't need to delay the police long, maybe 10-15 seconds. That's time enough to slow down the rush and avoid the risk of misidentification and a groggy defender thinking that they're being robbed, instead of being served with a legal warrant. A rudimentary barbican wouldn't even have to be that expensive.

If we're going to have medieval disrespect for our rights, defenses from that era are inevitable.

 HT: Instapundit