Saturday, February 1, 2014

New York Governorship

New York, unusually, allows people to run on more than one line and have their vote totals calculated cumulatively. The top two parties are major parties and control half of the state's election bureaucracy and everybody else is an also ran.

In between strictly family business, my mom informs me that the Westchester County Executive, Rob Astorino, is going to run for Governor and they hope he will win. We'll see. The GOP could do worse than Astorino who won in a suburban NY county with majority Democratic registration. Carl Paladino is making noise that if somebody he does not like gets the GOP nod, he'll run on the Conservative Party line and take line B away from the GOP, a formidable threat to an establishment that has long been patronage obsessed. Astorino fits the profile of somebody that Paladino would support.