Sunday, February 23, 2014

Calibrating Revenge

So my wife got ripped off by a Dunkin Donuts in Schererville, IN for a croissant sandwich. They directed her off to the side and said wait for it and then never delivered.

Her time and annoyance at being made to sit there for no reason and then be treated like an attempted thief when she went in looking for her sandwich far exceeds the money lost on the sandwich. So what's the right amount of umbrage to take when you're pretty good at doing internet searches and have the resources to blow this far out of proportion? Is a small bit of impotent protest enough?

Proportionate strikes for the value of the sandwich or even adding in the time value, humiliation, and the time I personally had to invest to let her blow off steam is simply not enough to realistically induce a change in behavior.

So what is socially appropriate? What's the right thing to do?