Saturday, March 15, 2014

Socialist Taxonomy

Economic organization in the collective style seems the hallmark of the left. Given that, I've always found it hard to understand how socialism based on race instead of class makes it right wing instead of left wing. Christian socialists, international socialists, national socialists, all three have the shared impulse to organize economics in similar ways. All share the same problem in pricing that dooms their economics. Why are two of them left wing movements and the third a right wing movement? It makes little sense to me why national socialism is separated out of the left wing pack. Is there a consistent principle in political taxonomy that justifies cutting the national socialists out from the pack?

When convenient, conventionally identified left wing movements are perfectly happy to go nationalist. As an extreme case even Stalin wrapped himself in nationalism during WW II. But the national-socialist parties are supposed to be different. Why?

HT: Dissecting Leftism