Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sharing to Google Plus vs Scheduling Posts

I'm experimenting with a new posting style on my blog that absolutely will not work without scheduling posts. Up to yesterday I've been posting live as the mood strikes me but there were a number of posts that never got written because my writing muse tends to be bursty and it just didn't make sense to publish all those posts at one time. So yesterday I posted once every two hours for the full day, time shifting 2AM to 3AM because blogger would not let me post then.

I did very well on traffic yesterday, up perhaps 25% but looking back the conversation was nil. All my comments are apparently coming in via Google+ and when you schedule posts via blogger, auto-sharing on Google+ does not work. A very significant number of my readers are coming in via other channels so the traffic went up but it went up entirely without my Google+ audience.

There doesn't seem to be a good set of choices here. I like the community and conversation I'm getting out of Google+ but I need scheduling to fully take advantage of my posting capability and to move posts to a more predictable stream instead of having them come out in clumps. Anybody out there have a simple solution for this situation?