Sunday, March 16, 2014

Vacation Buffer Building Countdown 3.16.14

I'm going to Disney World and part of getting ready for this family vacation is setting up a blogging buffer. I've never been particularly good at that so I thought I'd write about it and see if that helps building it up.

Blogs I write on with their respective daily posting goals

Flit-TM - 9
Citizen Intelligence - 1
Chicago Boyz - 0

That's a dozen posts a day. We're driving down starting Saturday and will be arriving back home the next Sunday. That's 9 days where it will be difficult to keep up with my schedule. That would make the full buffer needed being 90 posts, 81 for Flit-TM and 9 for Citizen Intelligence.

Current buffer count with posts left to write today:

Flit-TM - X:X
Citizen Intelligence - X:X
Chicago Boyz - 0

With 12 days to go until that first travel day that makes the adjusted daily goals:

Flit-TM - XX <- not good, up 2 from yesterday
Citizen Intelligence - X
Chicago Boyz - 0

This should be fun. Of course, a daily post working out the buffer struggle doesn't hurt.

Update: this is a blown post. my buffers were gone at this point and I didn't fill in the blanks when this auto-post fired.