Saturday, March 8, 2014

How Science Dies

Tim Worstall has had enough of contradictory scientific diet advice. I have too. It's a curious fact that people have been misled by bad advice over food and drink intake by the same crowd for decades and for the vast majority of us, this record of bad advice and objectively bad results in the diabetes and obesity epidemics has little effect on our willingness to listen to the next pronouncement from the science crowd over what we should eat and drink.

I don't think that scientists should cease to operate in these areas. I just think that they ought to be a great deal more humble when they are flipping back and forth through the years and decades. But no, confident statements that we should drink no wine are followed by equally confident statements that it's good for you. A more humble approach would allow for diversity of opinion and far weaker guidelines. Past a certain point, people stop listening, stop believing, and stop following scientific advice.

Scientists are squandering their credibility. It really is quite sad and we'll all be the poorer for it.