Monday, March 10, 2014

Emergent Anti-Communism

There is something I like to call ideological anti-communism, the philosophical idea that communism is profoundly wrong as an ideology. It's got a long and relatively successful pedigree but it hasn't been able to win the day and fully kill off an idea that has objectively caused untold human suffering and give or take 100 million people peacetime dead.

I'm an ideological anti-communist. That means that I'm convinced that the heart of the socialist/communist economic system is fundamentally wrong and will never be made to work.

But I've given up on beating communism by convincing everybody to follow along that ideological path. The number of people who are indifferent to politics and economics is simply too great and every time things are working well, the ranks of the indifferent swell, creating a fertile breeding ground for piecemeal fabian style socialism to stage a comeback. The actual level of popular oversight in first world states is pretty low. By raising it and routinizing it, what comes out of that non-ideological process is what I am calling emergent anti-communism. It's a function of not giving socialist solutions a pass and actually measuring their effects and calling them out when they fail. Functionally, that makes government oversight anti-communist, but only if it's actually done.