Monday, March 10, 2014

China sets red line on Korea

China announced yesterday that it has a red line and won't permit war or instability in the korean peninsula. In remarks before China's parliament, China's foreign minister Wang Li laid out this position to reporters. "The Korean peninsula is right on China's doorstep. We have a red line, that is, we will not allow war or instability on the Korean peninsula,"

Time will tell whether this is a genuine position of longstanding significance or it is a calculated distraction from an economic situation that seems a bit scary with exports collapsing and China's second worst trade deficit announced in February. It's possible that China will economically bounce back. That's what happened the last time things got this bad. The next month showed a remarkable recovery. There are no guarantees it will, however. If it does not, a foreign distraction would be quite convenient for Beijing. With this statement, perhaps we are seeing plan B queued up.

HT: The Dignified Rant