Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lobotomy by Bureaucracy

What does St Paul do to its school personnel that they thought putting a sopping wet kid dressed only in a swimsuit outside in sub-zero weather was ok? Is it the union? Is it that it's government work? Do they put chemicals in the water cooler in the teacher's lounge to reduce good judgment? Does it really take a case of frostbite to drive home the point that sometimes the rules have to bend?

The conditions were 5 below zero (-20C) temps with 25 below (-28C) wind chill barefoot, wet, and with just a towel. The kids tried to make a circle around the cold children to cut the wind down and share warmth but it wasn't enough to prevent painful frostbite. The only good news is that there won't be any amputation.

The school says that it's reviewing policy with the fire marshals  and will follow their recommendations. How about this for a recommendation "don't be a moron and endanger the kids for a fire alarm. If it's too cold, get the kids inside another building or a vehicle."

HT: Instapundit