Sunday, December 22, 2013

Worthless petitions

Daily Kos is suckering its constituency with a fraudulent petition to strip the NFL of its tax exemption. If an organization sets up a petition for political action and addresses it to someone who has no power to solve the problem, they are not being honest. The petition is a fraud designed to leave everything exactly as it is but make people happy that they are politically active. 

Congress gave the NFL its non-profit status in 1966. No agent of the executive can strip away that status without legislation first redefining what 501(c)6 nonprofits are. Anybody who researches this for more than 5 minutes and understands basic american civics would not set up a petition this way. So what are they accomplishing by doing it? Is there no more important thing on the leftist agenda going on or is this a shakedown, with NFL people understanding that Kos won't fix the petition to go to the right addressee if the NFL contributes enough money to Daily Kos? 

In any case, it stinks of dishonesty or incompetence. Who knows, maybe they are actually dumb enough that they launched a campaign that's landed almost 60,000 signatures so far on the mistaken and unchecked premise that the acting IRS commissioner can do something about it.