Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Enriching the commons

Ubiquity generally happens when there's little to no friction in getting something. Go look up at the moon. All the kids are doing it. Ubiquity as a business goal enhances the commons because taking things out of the commons creates friction

There used to be very few resources that were truly scalable at no cost, resources where we didn't need to use money or queues to limit who would use them. In the digital world, that number keeps skyrocketing. It doesn't cost a cent to allow more people to look at the moon, just as it's free for one more person to read this blog.
Commons resources are a major factor in enabling the poor to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. The digital world is where we are creating the most modern resources that are available in the commons because there are sound business reasons to create a frictionless experience. It's almost free to get people in the door and the presence of free riders doesn't generally degrade the experience of the paying customers, so why not just let everybody in. The cost of excluding the poor exceeds the benefit.