Friday, December 6, 2013

Revolutionary throat clearing

Michael Walsh writes an edgy piece on Obama's presidential abuse. The key line is "Reid & Co. have no intention of ever being in the minority again", a statement which, if true, will either lead to the death of the Democrat party when they nevertheless return to the minority and reap the whirlwind from the wind they have sown or the death of our civil peace when their political unpopularity is met with extra-constitutional efforts to retain power anyway.

The comments picked up the theme and there is a great deal of hemming and hawing going on there now with debate that would sound familiar to a 1740s member of the Sons of Liberty. The feel is of a gathering storm, but one that hasn't quite gathered yet. The doctrinal issue is clear. The US agreement is that nobody uses violence so long as everybody agrees to elections and the rule of law. If the latter two are eroding, restraint in the former is no longer called for.

It's powerful stuff and extremely dangerous. Long periods of warning and throat clearing before that fateful decision are clearly called for and the warnings are going out. I wonder if our friends on the left even understand the danger that they are courting?

HT: Instapundit