Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Going to war for John Boehnor

Discussion over at ChicagoBoyz went pretty dark in my cross post Obamacare, the Scrooging. The Spanish Civil War came up and an episode of history that struck me, the assassination of José Calvo Sotelo. He was the leader of the opposition and the day after a bitter confrontation in the Spanish parliament, was taken away by a left wing death squad and assassinated. It was a horrifying moment and apparently significantly influenced the start of the Spanish Civil War, pushing things forward much faster. The argument was that speaking of violence prior to such an event is counterproductive and afterwards, speaking is countersurvival. After all, you might be next.

If the country were changed to the US, and the leader of the opposition were assassinated, what would happen here upon the murder of John Boehnor? It seems unthinkable.

Would there be a different response if it were Ted Cruz or Rand Paul that fell to an assassin's bullet?