Wednesday, October 23, 2013

1974 is calling and they'd like their software project dev methodology back

In a CNN interview HHS Secretary Sebelius admits that the preferred schedule for developing was 5 years, something that might have been discovered had Obamacare not been rammed through as it was. 1975 was, of course, the year that The Mythical Man Month was published, demonstrating why bringing in entirely new teams three years in to what should have been a five year development effort was a really bad idea. At the time, President Obama didn't notice the release of this book as he was a pot-smoking high school kid and apparently he's never run into it since. Had he read it, he never would have signed on to the idea of not only adding personnel but bringing in entirely new teams in a "tech surge" that is going to create very large difficulties in training up the new people and adding communications problems on top of the already challenging environment for this software project.