Monday, January 6, 2014

Mitt Romney's grandchild

I just put this up in comments over at Instapundit.

I understand Romney. He no doubt wanted to get his grandchild out of the news cycle as soon as possible. This is a normal reaction. I cannot condemn him for acting in the best interests of this newest addition to his clan. This really is something that we ought to take care of without involving innocent hostages like that newly adopted infant. 
Love happens. It is a wonderful thing. Occasionally it crosses all sorts of unusual group lines. Once in awhile you get an interracial love where one of the members is a white conservative and the other is a different racial grouping. Love is no less wonderful because of the conservatism of one of the partners. To attack a case of interracial love based on the political conservatism of one of the loved is hateful, bigoted, and an exercise in dehumanization based on political ideology. That also makes it un-American.  
People who do this are haters and intolerant. 
This is the start and end of what I think about the whole MSNBC mockery of Mitt Romney's family photo complete with his new adopted grandchild. I wish the Romney family the best and hope nobody else is ever as ugly with them again. I'm not holding my breath though. Good luck Romney clan.