Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hunter Douglas

We got Hunter Douglas shades with the house. This morning 3 of the four brackets snapped when the big shade was pulled up to let light into the kitchen. It turns out that Hunter Douglas will send out new brackets for free. They just want you to send the broken ones back so the engineers can see them to do failure analysis. They come in 7-10 days normally.

Talking to the customer service rep, I suggested that the company publish the files needed for those of us that have 3d printers to print them. That way I'd be able to put up the shade today. It's not like Hunter Douglas is making any money off the parts orders so there is no real reason not to do it. People would be just as willing to send the broken bits back postage paid as they are today.

She thanked me for the suggestion and changed my shipping to 3 days, without me asking.

Hunter Douglas is likely to get my future business.