Sunday, September 22, 2013

Racists are Annoying

One of the side effects of commenting on Disqus enabled items is that I'm much more likely to go back to threads, like this one on Detroit's stray dog problem. The racism insisting that black people cannot be civilized is ordinarily something that I try to ignore in a similar way that I don't make a big fuss about public urination or defecation either. Do you really want to shout and engage that kind of person when they are in the middle of embarrassing themselves like that?

But here I am, being lectured by Dunnyveg about how all men are not created equal. The moniker apparently comes from a defunct Scottish clan, part of the Donalds. The user doesn't seem to mind shaming them by proxy.

I'm actually somewhat surprised at the amount of racialist nonsense brewing on the thread without serious liberal attempts to squelch it. Perhaps liberals have given up on the AP.

Update: The entire comment thread has been stomped apparently. Good riddance. My only regret is that this solution only suppresses expression. It doesn't solve the underlying rot.