Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Getting the snouts out of the trough

Over at Samizdata there is talk about how the green tide is receding. A commentor demurs saying "Too late, the scam has been running long enough that there are now too many snouts in the trough" which seems to be a recurring problem with big government, one that is dreaded by the small government movement and a central part of the business model of the big government movement.

It's why we're facing an unseemly number of votes to defund Obamacare instead of just letting it fall flat on its face and get replaced by something better. Once enough snouts are in the trough, nobody seems to know how to get them out and the one way ratchet towards socialism takes another click towards disaster.

But does it have to be that way? Why do those who have their snouts in the trough fight to freeload without serious consequences? It's something to think about and hopefully implement in Citizen Intelligence.