Wednesday, May 14, 2014

World's first climate refugee loses his case

Ioane Teitiota is the world's only climate refugee, or is he? In 2010 he overstayed his visa in NZ where he's been living since 2007. He applied for climate refugee status and has just lost his appeal to be granted climate refugee status from Kiribati. He is considering appealing to the NZ Supreme Court and, if that fails, to the UN Human Rights Committee.

If this reads like a scam looking to take advantage of an ill defined process to draw out deportation proceedings and get extra time in the 1st world, you're reading it just as I am. By now, we were supposed to have 50 million climate refugees coming from global warming. Instead we have Mr Teitiota. I'm perfectly happy that we don't have the problem. I just wonder where is the accountability and where is the increased skepticism of further claims by the United Nations?