Monday, April 21, 2014

Posted Social Security report alpha 6

I mentioned that I would be putting up a report. This is one of a long backlog of reports that have been waiting on me finding technical talent to program. I've decided to shift strategy and put up report alphas and just manually update. This usually has massive scaling problems as the number of pages goes up which is why I've been avoiding this approach.

In any case, here's the first Citizen Intelligence report.

Will you get all promised Social Security Benefits? Here's a hint, for most americans, the answer is no under current law. Males born in 1955 or later and females born in 1952 or later have a pretty hefty Social Security cut written into the present law.

This is a manual report at present. I need to work out a scalable way to take e-mails so that I can send out the yearly updates for this report when the new trustees report means updated data. Ultimately, this report will be a module to be plugged into the yet-to-be-created Citizen Intelligence oversight dashboard.