Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013 - Plan A

New beginnings are wonderful. They let you spend some time, just a bit, on plan A. You know plan A, right? It's what you would like to be doing before the whole messy world gets in the way and forces you to do something else. I've been thinking a lot about plan A lately. What is mine, what is it for the institutions I'm involved in or interested about. I think that for a large number, we tend to lose the threads, tend to become so battered by the give and take of the world that we lose sight of what plan A is supposed to be and thus move to a derivative, not as a compromise, but effectively as our plan A without ever checking whether some of those compromises remain necessary. Plan A for the United States is 100% without emergencies. It is the regular constitutional order laid out in the Constitution. There are no exceptions made for our rights. We stay within our means and allow people to generally live their lives and be happy. We stick together and form voluntary bands to take care of problems that crop up and when the problems go away, don't preserve useless organizations that no longer have a real mission. We generally mind our business. On this first day of 2013, as a country we're pretty far from Plan A. Most countries are right now. Do we really need to be that far? I don't think so. Doing my part to fix that is one of my new year's resolutions. Happy New Year.