Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stay on Topic

PenGun's been one of my most difficult correspondents that actually has somethings worthwhile to say occasionally. That we disagree on a lot is not that important. Without people like him, I'd live in an echo chamber as sad as the one the left tends to occupy.

However, there are limits and running a comment like the following exceeds them:

Your corporate overlords have screwed the pooch. They, not the people on the street, have managed to destroy the economies of the world by sheer greed.

The Europeans being a little smarter and better informed have decided the vast theft performed by the aforementioned corporate thugs will not stand. So they are showing their compliant governments some heat.

The US will continue down the road they are on, fleecing the poor and middle class to pay for the mistakes of the rich. This will not work.

Have a nice decade.

The problem isn't the sentiment. It's that the post wasn't relevant to the topic.